People's Mandate;
Can not be a
Political Party have,
any membership or be
Incorporated because;
People's Mandate is
for Family, Farmer,
Small Business, Worker
and the Constitution.

The Australian peoples mandate.

New Financial System;
Project Legislation 
to support

Family, Births, 
Farmers, Manufacturers.

Parliament creates
 money not the banks.

Abolish all taxation 
and council rates.

Sovereignty of People

Conciliation of all people, walking together

See files marked *


ACTION PAGEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebP43RlZW3Q  
Coal-seam gas; ** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfDBPnCgQpQ


Candidtate Nomination Committee   (Re-new Government and Parliament)
How to vote the political parties out.
Electors Revolt
Candidates required

AEC Senate Single nomination Form
AEC H of R Single nomination Form

Quick and Garran Commentaries

Existing  Australian Constitution
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution with Seal

Contempt Commonwealth Constitution.

Queen of Australia commentary 19Jun2008  (you tube link)

The Strategy

The Constitution of the People  By and for the People.
no political parties.
Using Project Legislation by Parliament to create money

Debt free money in America  *
Web of Debt Is this also Australia? *

Commonwealth is a Corporation
Registered in United States
List of other Federal and State registrations.

Irrefutable Evidence about banks
Banks Lie. by Chris Field

Your Will be done
By Arthur Chresby.  (Open Acrobat Reader) 

Douglas Manual and files  
A good financial system


People Mandate Water Initiative

SMART GRID and smart meters. * Smart Meter Shields etc *
Technocracy and Carbon Currency
Carbon tax and ETS explained

QEG tesla electric generator.
TESLA - Free Energy, the Race to Zero Point
Quantum Electric Generator Manual

Dick Yardley files  (Corrupt Parliament)
Culture can only be individual to any Country.
Immigrants shall affirm allegiance to Constitution

Traffic, Mortgages and Water Rights
United Nations and Local Government
Equity & Administration Law Flora 27
Equity & Administration Law Flora 28

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The People's Mandate is not a group of certain individuals but is designed for electors to come together, in each Electorate, to learn the Constitution and discuss any issues that is of concern to them.
To create an Electors Candidate Nomination Committee, one in each Electorate, where the Candidate shall complete a Statutary Declaration of their Promises learn the sections 7 and 24 and 51 and 128 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution.
The committee can advise the Candidate how to register with the Australian Electoral Commission and
to prepare for any Election. Click on Links for Senate and H of  R nomination forms above.

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